We guide customers in crafting a vision directly from our customers' plans and desires for custom A/V that won't  cost half a paycheck when you could've got it for pocket change at a major retailer offering mostly cheap imports. We provide Audio Video services, and can sometimes acquire our products at deeply discounted prices because of long-term relationships with our suppliers. 

How does your business stand out from others?

By fostering 20 years of experience building custom audio systems specializing in home theatre entertainment to excel in complete installations. In giving outstanding customer service, we draw out a vision from the client to satisfy their auditory dream more deeply. Bringing great sound quality and crisp response into a non-acoustically treated room can be costly and difficult to analyze, design, and execute. If you want to dampen walls, soundproof a surface, or similar construction, I can refer you to a local specialist.

What do you enjoy about the work you do?

Enhanced acoustical spaces and clear sound waves are enough to make me filled with curiosity. Throw in power amplifiers, surround speakers, or high-end components (including in-ceiling & in-wall set-ups), and suddenly you're on fire. Whew! The room is somehow changed. What happened? It's your audio components controlled by electrical pulses causing flexing and resting, unveiling their power.

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